an intentional community

of people working to optimize the galaxy


A lively, bustling community house full of aspiring astronauts, virtual reality engineers, makers, entrepreneurs, Antarctica explorers, and most importantly, friends.


Everyone is changing the world; but, to change the world in a way that makes a difference takes more time than most people have. Which is why at Rainbow, people who are changing the world live and innovate together to be able to achieve bigger goals, as both individuals and as a community.


Our passion is betterment of this world. We are all striving in our work lives and our home lives to improve this world we share. Our passions are for kindness, compassion, innovation, ingenuity, diversity, and inclusivity.


We pride ourselves on the different kinds of people we have as residents and as guests. With residents from seven different countries, and new guests from all over the world, we are coming together from far stretches of the world to form a community that easily, and wonderfully, truly becomes home.

Meet us in person!

We host community dinners the first three Sundays of every month, and anyone is welcome to stop by. Join us for a home-cooked meal, an engaging and thought-provoking presentation by a variety of community leaders, and just wonderful conversation.


We enjoy having old and new friends and community members join us for Sunday Dinners, where we share and discuss ideas about the present and future of humanity and technology. We do this to provide a warm, home-feel setting in Silicon Valley where people of the community and beyond can expand their views and learn new things. This is one of Rainbow’s passions and we strive to share that passion and provide a comfortable, engaging setting for that purpose. We host dinners every Sunday except the last Sunday of the month. Sign up on our mailing list to keep in the loop!


So you’ve got this great idea for a product that’s going to change the world! But… that’s only half the battle, young grasshopper. You need to see if making it is possible. “The Garage” is a multipurpose hardware development makerspace with the tools and space available to make ideas come to life for residents. The Garage offers a lot of different tools to satisfy many varying industries. Equipment used ranges from a drill press and hand tools to high-end equipment such as a laser cutter, a 3D-printer and a high power TIG welder.


To satisfy our curiosity and further our quest to understand the world, we are in the habit of inviting industry experts, community leaders to join us as dedicated speakers to present their passions and work to the community. Topics have ranged from Mars to drug discovery and from self-driving cars to food chemistry. These presentations are typically held in conjunction with our Sunday dinners thus these dinners provide wonderfully appetizing homemade food, stimulating conversation, and engaging and passionate presentations.