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Vanesa copy

Software engineer at NASA with a MSc in Space Studies (ISU). Projects: MSL, ISS, Earth Observation, drone trajectories, etc.

Vanesa Gomez Gonzalez

NASA Ames Research Center

Jeremy is Mechanical Engineer specializing in machine design and prototype development. He is currently working on advanced VR hardware R&D for the Google Daydream team.

Jeremy Swerdlow

Google Daydream

Jamie is a material scientist developing new catalysts for printable solar fuel production devices between NASA, PARC and Imperial College London.

Jamie Thompson

Imperial College London, PARC, NASA

Roberto, Aerospace/Software Engineer at NASA Ames, working on the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) (follow-on mission of Kepler), looking for nearby habitable planets outside our Solar System.

Roberto Carlino

NASA Ames Research Center

Witold Koning, Aerospace Engineer at NASA Ames. Work focuses on (aerodynamic) rotor modeling techniques, and experimental testing and verification of small-scale Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) models.

Witold Koning

NASA Ames Research Center

Program Manager for Adecco, on-site at Google X

Alexandra Ramadan

Google X

Arno Rogg

NASA Ames Research Center